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9 months ago
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Hello and welcome to the very first newsletter for our recycling incentive scheme: “It’s got to be in it to win it”. What you win is the money for your community to spend on whatever it likes from playground equipment to gardening tools to community fundays.

Emma Cross the project manager said “We are really pleased with how it’s going and would like to thank our partners in Veolia, Peabody Homes and City West Homes who have helped us to get this off the ground. We are hoping to start handing out money in the next two months but this can only happen if people recycle more.”

The results for the first 2 months are now in. You can check how your estate has done (and which estate you’re in) here: westminster.gov.uk/init-towinit . The following estates have performed exceptionally well:

  • Abbey Orchard - £198
  • Abbots Manor - £226
  • Churchill Gardens - £809
  • Ebury Estate (Peabody) £326
  • Grosvenor (CWH) - £396
  • Maida Vale - £324
  • Millbank - £517
  • Mozart - £298

Rebecca from the Churchill estate said “I was recycling already but I’m really pleased that I can make some money for my estate. I have checked again what I can recycle and discovered that I can put my empty aerosol cans in.”

We’re asking you to get your thinking caps on and use the website to say what you would like to spend the money on. You can suggest ideas for rewards for your estate here

Sports equipment, playground improvements, planting, wildlife projects and a community juice press have all been suggestions so far.We’ll choose a few from these suggestions.

Then, once your estate reaches it’s target - £500 for a small estate and £1000 for a large estate, residents will get to vote on a choice of rewards.

Remember to look out for the sticker that signifies the bin is part of the schemeand do not forget that putting the wrong items in the bins can reduce the amount of material that counts towards your total. You can check what can and can’t be recycled here.

More recycling questions?
Ask the Recycling Team your questions any Saturday at the Mobile Recycling Centre at Warwick Avenue or at any event this season.

You can get a reusable bag to help you recycle from City West Homes estate offices.

Visit the Mobile Recycling Centre
Upcoming recycling events
Recycling Information Portal

Thank you for recycling

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